Student Management


A positive school climate ensures:

  • all feel valued,
  • positive student teacher relationships,
  • pro-social behaviour
  • positive home-school communication
  • enhanced learning by supporting the active engagement and motivation of students

We are determined to create a school where all children feel safe and in which all children learn to take responsibility for their actions.

In affirming children for their efforts and in ensuring that all children receive the attention they deserve, we seek to create a secure environment, where children feel safe, are encouraged to speak, listen and to take an active role in their learning. In this way we support the children as they grow to become functional and successful members of society.

Working in relationships that are based on trust and mutual respect, we endeavour to develop a culture in which children feel that they are capable, they count and they have the courage to successfully meet life’s challenges.

We look towards our school evolving as a centre of learning excellence and of personal and communal wellbeing through the use of our Vision Statement, our Key Rules and our Social Expectations.

Social Expectations

Saint Mary MacKillop School is a learning community where we:

  • Have the right to feel safe
  • Treat others with respect
  • Allow our teachers to teach and our students to learn
  • Co-operate and support each other
  • Try to do our best in all we do.